Pastor Samuel Mutyaba


Introduced to Christianity and dedicated to serve the Lord while in the womb, He was named Samuel for that very purpose; his mother wanted him to serve the Lord.

He grew up with two brothers and two sisters; James, John, Deborah and Rebecca. “Our house was always full because my mother used to welcome all kinds of people in the family. More than anybody at home I had an attachment to church which even led my school teachers and headmaster to complain. My mother failed to stop me because she had dedicated me to the Lord while still in the womb” says Pastor Samuel
Prayer was a must at home every morning and every evening before bed. He learned to live by “faith” and to believe in miracles all because of his mother at home.

In addition to the Jesus he had been introduced to by his mother, He made a personal commitment and confessed Jesus as His Lord and Savior on October 25, 1980. By this time He had started a ministry known as the Good Samaritan Choir through which He reached out to so many people preaching the Gospel through the spoken Word, music and drama. This ministry still stands today and Pastor Samuel is closely monitoring its functions.

Samuel Mutyaba, almost got ordained in the Anglican Church, during the time of Bishop. Kauma at the request of Canon Samuel Mpalanyi who had been his Youth Pastor for a long time but the Word of prophesy came through Rev. Robinson Luyizzi who was his Pastor at that time, he prophesied and said: “your calling is not in Church of Uganda and your ordination will happen overseas not Uganda”. Mr. Mutyaba listened to him for he (Rev. Robinson Luyizzi) was so close to him and they were both very good friends.

Though brought up Anglican Samuel felt led to join with Pastor Simeon Kayiwa; a great man of God through whom he learned so much. Through him he joined the Pentecostal movement until today. It was here that he met with brothers like Ps. Isaac Balinda, Ps. Michael Kyazze, Ps. Robert Kayanja, Dr. Joseph Serwadda and many others who have gone on to become the greatest Pastors in the Pentecostal church in Uganda who have touched the whole world.

Our Leaders

Pastor Samuel and Wife Juliet

In 1986 Mr. Mutyaba Samuel went to Daystar University – Nairobi from where he joined East Africa School of Theology – Nairobi where he graduated 4 years later as the best student academically with B/Arts. Even-though Ps. Samuel had gotten a scholarship to do his masters degree, he couldn’t, because he needed to find work and cater for the 13 children of his brothers. His brother John had passed on and his other brother James (RIP) was very sick at the time.

At East Africa School of Theology, Samuel met Brother David Sebulime who first announced to him that he had been called to be a pastor. Despite the numerous reminders by the people of God that he was called into the pastoral ministry, he resisted doing it. Upon graduation he joined world vision and three years later Samuel moved to the United States of America.

The first days in Boston a Jamaican lady by the name Perpetua looked into Samuel’s eyes and told him that God had called him into America to be a pastor. Samuel thought she was crazy because his purpose of coming to America was his children and not pasturing. Soon after, another brother by the name Kyambadde had a vision, he looked for Samuel and told him how God had called him to be a minister in Boston. Again Samuel paid not much attention, not even pray because he wasn’t that interested. But when the fullness of time came, Samuel obeyed and here he is serving the people of God. He started off as an assistant pastor to Pastor Darius Twagirayesu from 1999 -2001.

In 2001 after intense prayer and fasting the Lord made it clear in Samuel’s heart that he should launch a new ministry under the name NEW LIFE INTERNATIONAL CHRISTIAN CENTER. This was a very difficult decision to make for he had been involved in church leadership since he was teenager and feared the responsibility. But God made it clear to him that He would be with him and that gave Samuel a lot of courage. Pastor Samuel Mutyaba testifies seeing the hand of the Lord, if it wasn’t for him these many years, this church’s existence wouldn’t have been possible.